Enter Luxauto.lu


1. How much is an advert on Luxauto.lu?

An advert on Luxauto.lu is free of charge except in the following cases: :
If the registration date of the vehicle to be sold is less than 12 months.
With effect from the 2nd advert inserted within the current year.

2. How many photos can I insert?

The 1st photo of the vehicle is free of charge with your advert. You can insert up to 3 additional photos at charge by subscribing to the photo pack, by logging into your personal space "My luxauto".

3. Why is my advert not appearing on the site?

To maintain an organised and clean database, and eliminate fraud attempts, our vehicle experts check all adverts before finally approving them.
The time required for them to go online thus varies from 1 to 72 hours.

4. Why is my advert online without a photo?

If the icon "In progress" appears in place of the thumbnail representing your vehicle, this means your photo is being processed (checking and possible cropping) and will soon go online.

If the icon "No photo" appears, this means we have not received your photo for one or more of the following reasons: :
1. it was not in the correct format (.JPG or .GIF) ;
2. it was too small (the ideal size is 800 x 600 pixels) ;
3. it was poor quality ;
4. you interrupted the transmission before receiving confirmation.
5. In all the above cases, you have to resend the photo from your personal space "My luxauto".

5. Do I have to insert a photo?

No, but remember an advert with photo(s) is 4 times more likely to be viewed than one without. Vehicles advertised with photos are thus far more likely to be sold rapidly.

6. What is the photo format?

The photo must be in the JPG or GIF format.

7. How long does an advert remain valid on the site?

An advert remains active for 8 weeks. You can extend your advert free of charge until your vehicle is sold.
If you delete this advert, even inadvertently, and re-insert it on Luxauto.Lu, you will be charged 9 € VAT included.

8. How can I delete my advert?

Connect in your personal space "My luxauto". Click the box "MANAGE MY ADVERT(S)" and subsequently "Delete my advert".

9. How can I obtain a new password?

The login corresponds to your e-mail address.
If you forget your password, click on "My Luxauto" in the main menu then on "Forgotten password?".

10. How can I ensure my name and address do not appear on the site?

When inserting your advert, uncheck the information that you do not wish to appear in your advert.